How Much Bullshit is Out There, Anyway? Revised!

If you are like me – You have spent many a long winter's night staring at the stars and wondering if there was Bullshit on other planets.  Is there a higher form of Bullshit which we can only imagine?  Are there space ships which are powered completely by Bullshit?  Kind of like the Starship "Heart of Gold" In the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy which was powered by the Infinite Probability Drive, except with a more odoriferous exhaust.

But let's start right here on Planet Earth. Where would one even begin to calculate the amount of Bullshit? Why Google of course!


As you can see the search for Bullshit found 17,300,000 Items with at least some trace of Bullshit. And that's not even counting those with Horse Shit or plain old BS. 

It's a staggering amount.


By Contrast a Search for "The Art of Bullshit " returns a mere 547 results.  Clearly Bullshit happens everywhere but those who have mastered the Art of Bullshit are rare.  Like finding a glittering diamond in a pile of well, Bullshit.

What is the Makeup of Bullshit?

My Credentials

You may wonder exactly how I came to be such an expert on the Art of Bullshit. Well, I studied at MIT, the Massachusetts Institute of Tauroscatology.  I have the most Bullshit degree of all the MBA in Marketing.